The Art of Feeling - Workshop

The Unchained Creative

Stay in Your Body and Soar to New Heights

Do you often find yourself all caught up in your head, tired and achy trying to make sense of your problems or plan out your dreams?

Imagine being able to recognise your right opportunities, resolve the past, know what to do and when, and not lose your peace of mind in the times in-between?

Is this even possible? Oh yes.

Listen to, interact with, and enjoy this audio workshop that reveals the simple understanding of how to always be moving in the direction of your dreams, and in the position to always be receiving answers to your most pressing challenges, and how to know, and what to do, when you're not.

  • Learn why feeling is the essential feminine activity.
  • Understand how feeling stands between you and everything you truly want.
  • Uncover powerful gifts as you start to feel deeply, authentically, unapologetically, and always.

Drop your story, melt inner glass ceilings, and feel more alive.

This product is created for feminine energy women and female creatives who are waking up to the language of the feminine and what it means to live with this essence at their core.

Inside you'll find:

  • Two workshop audio recordings (1hr 10min approx)
  • Worksheet (PDF)
  • Printable feelings tracker (PDF)
  • Printable 20 page feelings journal (PDF)

Let everything happen to you, beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

Here is some feedback on my workshops:

“You are fantastic, I really love what you do and how you do it. Your words bring a depth, richness and reverence to the things we do everyday and are so grounded in being.”


“It’s so helpful to have time to reflect on self, and I don’t want to lose what has begun today.”


“It’s been a very holistic approach to thinking about food and life choices. An opportunity to reflect, relax and process.”


“I’ve been able to see myself as I am now and that actually I’m not too bad!”


“My biggest takeaway is that I’m on the right track, and the importance of tuning into my feelings always.”


“You have a gift.”

I want this!

Audio workshop recordings | Printable tracker | Worksheet | Printable journal


The Art of Feeling - Workshop

I want this!